Wednesday, January 26, 2011

A Snow Day

The coldest day of the year we delivered the college DD safe and sound. We tried to help her put her stuff away but Miss OCD has her own way of putting stuff away.
It was rather uneventful and we were back on the road in no time.
We stopped to visit our youngest son and daughter-in-law on the way home and met their new addition. Please meet Super Diego. He's a rescue greyhound and without a doubt a very sweet dog. He has very warm friendly eyes and very quick to become your best friend.
Due to medical issues we spent the night and Super D (as our son calls him) slept in our room. We had a lovely visit and after a hearty breakfast we hit the road once again.

*sigh* Unfortunately when we arrived home we found the placemats were dug out of their keeping place on the baker's rack and thoroughly destroyed. There's only one dog who can reach these and yes it was Mr. Bettis. I do believe we interrupted the placemat party because they they were still quite 'wet'.

It's a snow day here today. The husband is home from work and the snow is piling up.
The weathermen missed this one but I must say they've been missing the snow predictions all year so it's nothing new. The farmer's almanac has been much more reliable.

It's very pretty and I'm enjoying the day. Chili in the crock pot and knitting on my needles. I'm off to enjoy.


Channon said...

Super D is SUPER cute!! I hope he has lots of warm coats though, because greyhounds and whippets get SO. COLD.

Hem. Paging Mr. B's attorney?

Grace said...

would love to have a rescue greyhound but the apartment doesn't allow dogs, they are such elegant animals!!!

I too have snow coming down and knitting on the needles!

Laura said...

Maybe Super D and El Stumpito, the Mexican Wrestler need to meet. We call the Corgi El Stumpito. It fits. He could run under the greyhound, easily! Love your snow day pics. I wish we could have a snow day! sigh!

Bubblesknits said...

I love that they adopted a rescue greyhound. : ) Those are really beautiful dogs that deserve a nice cushy retirement.

/sigh/ Please advise my client that those placemats are going to set him back several doggy bones. Hopefully I can get him out on bail if he promises to go to doggy rehab for chewing addiction. ; )

gMarie said...

Super D is very cute. I hope he settles in nicely.

I think maybe Beau (who's come up lame) told Mr. B that placemats, dishrags, and kitchen towels taste good. Sorry about that - where is that attorney? g

Nichole said...

Oopsie Mr B....
We looked into rescuing a greyhound when we found Lola but it just wasn't the right dog at teh right time... love them!

Anita said...

What a beautiful dog!! And so glad to hear that the DD is safely back.

Love your snow photo too! I'll have to live through everyone's photos this year...