Saturday, January 29, 2011

Outta the Loop

College semesters have begun for both daughters so we had a family game night last weekend.
Snacks, Wii and a good game of Hands and Foot made for a fun night.

The eldest DD preparing for a strike in Wii bowling. Notice the sweater? It's the Central Park Hoodie in Vanna's Choice Worsted. She really likes the style of the CPH and she places her order for a new one every year.

Youngest DD who is not happy with her last Wii golf swing.

Speaking of outta the loop, we've missed every snowstorm until last week. We were graced with almost a foot of snow. Looks like there's a BIG storm coming for Groundhog Day. We shall see given the weatherman's missed calls this year. I happen to be one who enjoys winter much more than summer. Not a fan of excessive heat, humidity or rain.
Been in a funk lately and the fresh snowfall made me smile :)
What kind of weather makes you smile?


Nichole said...

LOVE the sweater ... great color too! I'm using Vanna's Choice for a hat for my niece right now. Not bad!

Bubblesknits said...

Pretty sweater! : )

I know how you feel about the Wii Dancing. The hubster & I are pitiful. LOL Thankfully, our kids don't know how to video us yet. ; )

I'm ready for spring. We got a taste of it today. 65 degrees and sunny with a nice breeze. Ahhhh....

Channon said...

Love the sweater, and since I wouldn't want to share such a video of me if it existed, I fully understand.

I love snow, but come spring, I'll love the warm sunshine...

gMarie said...

Fresh snow always makes me smile - it's so clean and purdy and pure - isn't it?

Can I order a Central Park Hoodie? I'd like pink please.

We are getting a Wii this year. :) g

Laura said...

We have your weather headed this is supposed to be cold enough to freeze a rat! Not sure I like the sound of that.

The Dance Dance version 2 is the hubby's. He does really well at it since he has no rhythmn. I can't do it, since I am beat inclined and always manage to get off track on the stupid thing!

Now give me Wii darts and we can talk!

Anita said...

Love the sweater!! And I'd love to see that video, he he. :)

I miss snow, I hate the hot weather down here.