Tuesday, February 01, 2011

Ice man

Mr. Bettis and his owner slipped on the ice. Not together but with a similar outcome.
He injured his leg and was taken pulling and tugging to the vet on Saturday. Have I ever mentioned how horrible he is at the vet? Well if not take my word, he's AWFUL!
The car ride is a nightmare let alone his antics in the waiting room until....he sees our favorite vet. Dr. B is a Steelers fan so I think he has an admiration of Mr. Bettis beyond the average vet.
He tore a ligament and is on meds and bedrest. Yeah. Right. Try the bedrest thing with Mr. B (eyeroll here). Even Dr. B chuckled over keeping him calm because he made it clear Mr. B is an overactive dog (as if we didn't know that).

Mr. B's owner didn't fare any better and after much ta-do we headed to the dr's office an hour and half away. After cutting a shine at the dr's office, DH was transported by ambulance to the hospital. I can say 'cutting a shine' because my jangled nerves are calm now.
He's on a boatload of meds, a monitor and resting somewhat comfortably.

We didn't get home until midnight (after my parents made the trip to get us) and I'm exhausted.
I must leave with a bit of humor. We have two sons (both married) and two daughters. After the DH was pumped with pain meds, muscle relaxants and who knows what else he became a bit lethargic and proceeded to mumble something about our THREE daughters. Say what???? LOL Caused the nurse and I to have a good laugh.


Channon said...

Three daughters? Really?? Gypsy? I'm pretty sure he wasn't counting Molly... ??

Love that photo though. He looks so sweet and comfy.

Anita said...

Oh no! I hope everyone is feeling a little better today. You be careful! I don't want to hear about you falling too!

Laura said...

Ya'll be careful up there!

Hope everyone starts getting better.

gMarie said...

that ice is evil stuff - please be careful! Did Dr. B give Mr. B tramadol? Love that stuff - pain pill with sleep aid - too bad it's for critters!!

so - what happened to the hubby? And I'm sorry - i don't understand 'cutting a shine?' g

Nichole said...

Oh no! Tell them NO more "monkey see, moneky do" here... Hope everyone heals up quickly... sending good vibes and hugs!

Bubblesknits said...

Yeah, I'm with G...what's "cutting a shine"?

Glad everyone is back home and resting (or doing their best at resting /cough/Mr.B/cough/ ; )

Take care and stay safe!!!