Sunday, November 17, 2013

Time of the year

It's that time of the year...A little knit Christmas hat. Was making 2 for grandchildren and trying to tweak the size to fit. Unfortunately this one was too big but it's ok, I know a little boy who will wear it with pride. Using a light up necklace, I sewed it into the hat and then added little beads for the finishing touch.

 Next up a Sock Monkey set for Vet-girl's addition-to-be. I improvised most of this set. If anyone knows me, they know I love sock monkeys and so does the new mom-to-be.
 I cannot take credit for this little handknit. Chem-girl took her needles and knitted a little magic creating a beautiful vest for her nephew-to-be. She sent it across the big wide country and it arrived in plenty of time to be put away until today...the day of the baby shower. Vet-girl was pleasantly surprised.
Thanks to technology (of which I know very little) Chem-girl 'attended' her sister's shower via web-cam. Vet-girl was very happy and pleased.

Due to a medical issue of my own and more doc appts Christmas gifts are going to be scrapped this year. Just not enough time in the day but I can say it's a start for the following year :).


SissySees said...

Stunning!! I'm so sorry I didn't get a little something in the mail for the shower. Maybe before the baby arrives?!

The sock monkey set is about the cutest thing EVER.

Bubblesknits said...

Ohmygoodness! I love the hat, but I think I love the sock monkey set even more. Absolutely precious.

As for you, take care of yourself please! Keeping you in my thoughts and prayers. ((hugs))