Tuesday, October 11, 2011


Stuck indoors for 10 days in drenching downpours is inspirational in many ways. While sitting on my duff knitting I could look into the dark and dreary kitchen. This corner is very dark in dreary weather so now I'm debating on painting the base a weathered white (as well as the walls) and the doors in a retro green so I can accent with my red appliances (mainly my fancy red coffee maker that Jessi gifted last year ). Problem? My cupboards are solid wood and I'm not certain I really want them painted. The of course there's the 1970's green countertop staring me in the face and funds certainly won't allow a new countertop right now. Well it was a thought....So the DH moved the pie safe from the living room to the kitchen and removed the towel cupboard to the kitchen. Rearranged my cookbook collection from the baker's rack to the cupboard. I'm happy with the look. This is what I was knitting while my mind was swirling about the kitchen cupboards. A Rambling Rows afghan for the DH. He's been wanting an afghan of his very own and since I'm knitting from stash these days this was a great stash buster. I wondered if he'd share this with the knitter but Chan was quick to point out he'll probably more than likely share with Mr. Bettis instead.

I love the end result and I just may have to cast on for another one only this time it will be mine ;).
Handspun yarn from who knows when. Bfl 240 yds light worsted and I despised the color so it went for dye bath.
And this was the final result. Forgive the picture please. I took umpteen pics and still couldn't capture the rosy red colorway. I'm loving this now but have no idea what to knit.


SissySees said...

I keep chickening out on painting my solid wood cabinets too. New nobs??

LOVE that overdye. Something pretty to be up near your face?

Barbara B. Solbrig said...

According to a friend of mine, there is some product out there for painting counter-tops rather than painting them.
I agree with Chan about the lovely dye job and both of you about chickening out on painting the wood cabinets.

Bubblesknits said...

I think your kitchen looks rather pretty. :) I agree with Chan...that red needs to go around the neck somehow. Beautiful!