Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Is this exciting? Or what?

Remember a few posts ago when the hubby "did" something to the sweeper and it broke? I made a "green decision" that we could work without a sweeper. I convinced myself that a broom would do just as well as a sweeper without using electricity. It worked for a few days. The dust bunnies are now overtaking the home. I caught the teen picking them up and baptizing them with names!
Okay, I give up. 3 cats, 3 dogs, one kid and a husband and I thought we could go without a sweeper?

We're going into town tonite to purchase a brand new sweeper. I'm actually singing:
We're off to get a sweeper
A wonderful wonderful sweeper
Because, because, because, beca-a-a-a-use of all the wonderful things it does..........
hum hum hum hum.............

The next post will be of the brand new sweeper!


Anita said...

You are just nuts woman! SNOL

You know we are getting old when getting new household appliances excite us! hehe

luvknitsocks said...

I am scared!! Are you seriously singing about a new sweeper? You really should get out more, I think being trapped in the house is getting to you!!

Bubblesknits said...

Okay...now you've got me singing it and making up more lines. lol Look what you did. ;-)

Laura Neal said...

Ooh, a new one! I have a Hoover V-Twin bagless and that thing is a powerful sucker! It Rocks! You should see what kind of pet hair it picks up! It is so amazing!
Congratulations! Take pictures, I want to see what kind you get!