Saturday, June 23, 2007

Oh Happy Day!

June 23, 2007: This is a happy day.

This is the guy I married 23 yrs ago today. He's a great guy. Let me count the ways: He never says a word on the amount of yarn and fiber I have amassed over the years. He takes me to yarn, fabric and fiber shops anytime I want. He looks at packages that are delivered weekly and just shakes his head. He overlooks the massive amounts of UFOs in the living room and just chuckles everytime I clean and I think I have hidden them from view. He appreciates anything that I make him. And I have made him a few vests, socks and gloves over the years. (he even overlooked the complaining I did when I made him a vest out of fingering yarn. He is a rather large size so there were a LOT of stitches on that vest).

I, on the other hand have overlooked with a raised eyebrow the gifts of brooms, swiffer sweepers, dust pans, blenders etc that he graciously gave to me as gifts for anniversarys and birthdays. Today we're going to dinner for the first time in 23 yrs and to do a little shopping. Can I help it that shopping may include a yarn shop? Happy Anniversary, ice man! Why has it taken us 23 yrs to go to dinner on our anniversary? When we were married I already had two adorable sons. So a dinner out was at the local pizza parlor with the boys. On our second anniversary our DD was born so today is her birthday and she turned the big 21!


Catherine said...

Happy Anniversary !!! and Happy Birthday to S.

Enjoy your meal !!

Catherine xx

CDH said...

Happy Anniversary!

Caroline, the SockPixie

Diane said...

Happy Anniversary! 23 yrs is quite an accomplishment.

littlewat said...

Congratulations!!!!!! My DH just shakes his head when the mail comes too:)