Thursday, July 12, 2007

Yarn, Sweat and Fear

Fear: When one winds yarn to be worked opposite as the pattern suggests and begins to sweat (see note above) that the yarn will end up matching instead of contrasting as the pattern notes.

My Kauni sweater in progress. I'm liking this knitting as I absolutely love color and a lot of it. Now the 15 yr old DD wants to knit one so I have pre-ordered more Kauni yarn. I failed to read the pattern more than once and did 3/4 inch more ribbing than necessary. But I wasn't about to frog that. There's too much work in it and I rather like it.

Okay, I signed up. I am in the mystery shawl #3. I like the pattern. I did decide on beads, believe me they are in there. I didn't use any of the suggested yarn colors but dug in my stash.

I found this cone aging nicely in the stash and decided on it. This is an alpaca lace weight that I purchased last year at Stitches East. Maybe I'll get it knitted before I attend Stitches this year. Anyone want to wager on that? ha

p.s. Fear is also when one finds the DH's huge 7 1/2 month old, 95 pound puppy (aka Bettis) lurking over one's fine knitting with a slobbering mouth.