Sunday, July 29, 2007


Intoducing Milo, the newest addition to the family. No, not my family thank goodness but the son's family. My son and DIL came yesterday with their new arrival.

He is adorable and cute and he's not mine! They are very excited. I opted to not tell them of the "problems" that will arise from this cute and adorable puppy. They have already been to a pet store and bought him just about everything he does and does not need.

Keep in mind this is the couple who has a home in the city that they are renovating. We call it the "Money Pit." There are a lot of things in the "money pit" for Milo to investigate and initiate i.e. hardwood floors, wallpaper, wooden chairs, oak staircase.........well you get the picture. And none of it is mine! I'm doing a little dance here.

They called this morning to report his first night in his new home. He slept through the night and wanted to go outside first thing in the morning. So far they think he is the most adorable puppy in the world. There's a reason why puppies and kittens are cute and adorable so when they get into trouble, they get out of it by looking cute and adorable.

Milo and his new parents.

Bettis thought Milo was the best thing that has arrived in this house for a visit. Milo and Bettis had way too much fun while he was here. Milo is coming up next weekend for another visit and I'll keep you posted.

P.S. The cats on the other hand, were glad to see Milo go home. They have been doing a little kitty jig since he left. Now if they could only get Bettis to disappear.


RaveKnits said...

My boyfriend's parents just bought an ENGLISH MASTIFF. It's such a big dog it has to be in all caps. I can understand the "not mine!" feeling. I look forward to more puppy posts.

Laura Neal said...

Ah, what a sweetie! I am so glad we didn't have to go through puppyhood over here. No thank you, the chewing, the drooling, etc. Adopt shelter dogs and you will have a friend for life! I love the family photo.

Diane said...


KnittingMoose said... cute! But I'm with you, "not mine" is the best way for that to be! Our kitten Moose is still as crazy as ever. I think he's the craziest kitty I've ever met. I must admit I'm looking forward to when he calms down a bit!