Monday, September 21, 2009


Would you look at this! A finished item. YAY!!
I love hats but at my age (ahem) most of them don't look as they should. I like the slouch tam/berets. I made one for the college kid and sent it the dorm for her to wear. She loved it! I must admit I tried it on before I sent it packing and I liked it too. So I searched Ravelry and found the Gwen Hat.
The pattern keeps it interesting and it's a quick knit.
I made a few adjustments and posted those adjustments on my project page in Ravelry.

Not quite the picture I would've wanted but I wanted to the show the pattern.

Hubby moved the College DD's Hibiscus bush 3 days before she moved to college. We thought it died but it started to come back to life very slowly and now it has produced 2 flowers. A little late in the season but since husband almost killed the poor thing, it just took a while for it to recuperate.
I emailed the pics to the DD and she was thrilled that it survived.

The Swine Flu is on the college kid's dorm floor and her roommate is recuping from it. She says Lysol cans are being shared from room to room. Disinfectant wipes and bottles of multi vitamins are in high demand according to the college kid.
One more thing for her mother to fret about:)


Anita said...

Great hat, love it!! Cool photo too. :)

Good luck to the DD, I REALLY hope she doesn't get sick too! Keep those wipes handy! & don't worry too terribly much...

Channon said...

Little lecture here... Swine flu is just a flu unless you're "compromised" otherwise. There are FAR worse things that are lurking in dorms - athlete's foot, mono, etc.

DD is a SMART girl. She'll be fine! (But just the same, remind her green tea is now being studied for its health properties... I can send more!)

LOVE the tam. I have an entrelac pattern, but... I've never worn a tam and think I'd look silly in one!

Nichole said...

Love the hat!!

Laura Neal said...

That swine flu is rampant down here as well. It is in the schools and the doctor's office is loaded with it. I don't want it!

The hat is very nice! So, when are you going to knit me one? JK!