Monday, September 28, 2009

College Hat

All is quiet here. Fall is normally beautiful here but we're not seeing much color here yet. Leaves are falling and it's raining so I'm holding out for some color. Fall is my favorite time of the year. When the kids were young I told them God took his paintbrush and used nature as His canvas. Winter was the beginning of a new canvas so He could paint again in the spring.
I can't seem to get my knitting mojo in gear. Small projects take up my time versus the larger ones. Although that doesn't seem to stop me from starting the larger projects:). Finishing them seems to be the problem. Christmas is fast approaching and I have very little finished.
I whipped up a slouchy hat for the college kid. It was sent in a college care package. Snacks, a country magazine and the reader's digest were included.
She loved the hat and took a picture to show me how it looks.
I need to dig for more yarn and whip up another one. Maybe I can actually get a gift finished.


Channon said...

What a great photo! Both hat and College Girl look happy.

Laura Neal said...

That color looks awesome on her! You did a great job!

Bubblesknits said...

Has the swine flu died down at her campus? I've been thinking about her.

Love the hat!

Grace said...

your daughter has suck beautiful eyes, they speak volumes and what pretty hats you have made

Anita said...

Cute hat! I can tell she is smiling even though I can't see it. :)