Tuesday, September 15, 2009

A Fall Visit


Anita wanted to see pics of my fall decorating.

Come on in while I fix a cup of tea and enjoy the visit.
I am lousy with floral arrangements so mom made a beautiful wreath for my door.

The antique cookstove is my favorite place to decorate. I purchased this at a yard sale in 1993 while the hubby was away. He took the sons to a car race in Ohio and came home to this sitting on the deck.
It was a steal price. Unfortunately while he was laying the circular brick stoop in our kitchen for the bargain stove, he slashed his leg with a brick hammer. Required multiple stitches and a week home from work.
So much for the bargain price. (sigh)(see? he's not safe with tools......lol)

The pie safe that my dad built for me a few Christmas's ago.
Don't tell anyone but it's full of knitting projects and gadgets. Great place to house....er....hide stuff:).

The ladder to the loft in the living room. The scarecrows are stapled (yes, wood stapled to the ladder). A few years ago, after Mr. Bettis's arrival, a certain cat (Ms. Aurora presumably) climbed the ladder knocking down a beautiful scarecrow. Mr. Bettis proceeded to shred the poor thing so my mom made another. So I staple everything so it doesn't become Mr. Bettis's plaything.

Now that I look at this pic, I need to hide the cord to the lighting in the loft.

The loft is adorned pumpkins (not real ones) and a few other decorations along with leaf garland and a string of white lights.

I love fall. My most favorite time of the year. I hope you enjoyed your visit. Come again!


Channon said...

Do you hate me because I very literally snorted out loud re: Mr B's playthings?

Looks very nice. I want to be you when I grow up and have a pretty, decorated home!

Bubblesknits said...

Staple it to the back side of the ladder. Unless you have to move the ladder often and then that would just be an accident waiting to happen. lol

Mr. B? Shredding? Surely you jest. ;-)

Love the decorations. I hung up my fall wreath today, but it's hotter than ever down here. blech.

Ann said...

I haven't started to decorate for fall yet. I hate to say goodbye to summer. I've been to house numerous times and didn't know you had a loft! I guess you learn something new everyday.

gaylen said...

I haven't decorated in years. Your house looks lovely. I don't believe Mr. B shredded that scarecrow? I mean did you see him? Did he have straw hanging out of his mouth? I bet it was Princes Aurora. Seriously.

How is the girl child doing? And the Momma Bear? g

Laura Neal said...

Too hot here to even think of Fall. I might put up my wreath this weekend. I have to find the thing...it is in my office, someplace!
Is it cool there? I am jealous if it is!

Anita said...

LOVE the decorations! I want to be you when I grow up too! :)

I'm with Jessi, staple that cord, you'll never see it. In fact, I didn't notice it until you said something. LOL