Monday, July 07, 2008

Over To The Other Side

To keep you posted: Our July 4th holiday was a B-U-S-T! The fireworks were cancelled and we were unable to attend the wedding.
Once again medical issues hindered plans.

I have gone over to the other side.......the crochet side. I think this makes me a h**ker. hee-hee
It's hot and it's muggy. So cotton thread is much nicer to work than wool.
I'm on a doily roll over here.

This is a blue doily for a friend of mine. Her birthday is in the fall and blue is her favorite color.

I love roses and I enjoyed making this one. It's a gift but I haven't decided whose gift.

This is another rose doily and although I would like to keep it for myself, my dear daughter reminded me that Christmas is only 6 months away. So a gift it will be.

I have another one in progress only the center rose is yellow.

I haven't blocked them yet as I have no idea where I'm going to store them once they're blocked.

Now before you think I have completely left the knitting scene, I will reassure you that I have not left. I am just on hiatus during the hot muggy days.

I finished these socks and put them on my sock blockers from Wendy. Check out her blog, she has added music and it's very nice.

Thanks again Wendy!