Thursday, July 17, 2008

Peaceful Hair Day

I love Grooming Day. The dogs went to be bathed and groomed. It was a day of peace and quiet around here. Caring for 3 dogs at the ages of 2 yrs and under (Mr. Bettis is exactly 1 yr 8 months, but who's counting?) is quite a daunting task. Getting them there is a job in and of itself. They give report cards for their behavior while being groomed. It has become a joke around here and vet girl gets a kick out it.
Lil' Miss Gypsy posing for the camera after her groom. Her report card reflected a failing F. No improvement.

Little Miss Molly doesn't like to have her picture taken so this picture is a rare one. She recieved an A on her report card.
This does not surprise us as Miss Molly is a laid back kinda gal.

Mr. Bettis refused to sit still for the camera. So I captured this while he was nosing into what his owner (DH) was doing on the DD's laptop. He is a nosey one.
Mr. Bettis received an A+. Now I must ask, how can he possibly receive an A+ at the groomer's and yet cause so much trouble around here? See his nice kerchief? Miss Gypsy had one also but I caught Mr. Bettis dragging her by her kerchief to play. So I had to remove Miss Gypsy's kerchief because "No No Bad Dog" won't leave her alone with the kerchief.

The cats were in heaven while they were at the groomer's. Miss Aurora decided to play with the thread while I was sewing. Although she appears to be doing, la, la I'm not doing anything, I'm only watching.
She grabbed at the thread and made a complete mess while I was trying to sew.

When I finally chased her away from the sewing machine, I found her later, taking a nap on my printer.
Obviously this is a new napping place. She's dreaming, "Such a peaceful house without the dogs today. Can't you make them stay away more often?"

p.s. I'm going to have a conference with Vet Girl on Lil' Miss Gypsy's report card. I just know this is a set-up to make Mr. Bettis appear to be a well-behaved dog and I know better.


Nichole said...

Cute pics!!! Such beautious babies!

Bubblesknits said...

Now, now. We all know Mr. Bettis is the well behaved one. ;-)

Channon said...

Haha! I can only imagine if Missy Sissy went to the groomer. She loves water, but I bet I'd get a call to come get her!

Anita said...

I think Mr. Bettis switched those grades on you....he sweet talked one of those girls at the vet into doing it for him! he he! He looks so innocent in that photo. :)

I bet that was a mess with the thread, but funny at the same time. LOL

Firefly Nights said...

Doggie report cards? How cute.

We certainly understand the A+ for Mr. Bettis vs. what he does at home. Mosby is a little angel when the old folks love him on his therapy dog visits and at home he can start THE biggest dog fights with Roscoe.

Laura Neal said...

Ah, those are sweet pictures of your four legged babies. I love Mr. Bettis in his kerchief. What a sweetie! I bet he just leans against the girls who are bathing him and he gets a A+ for that.
They are all like children, what everyone else sees is good behavior, what you see is Mommy behavior.

Petra said...

AWWW!!! Your pups are so cute! At least you got two out of three making A's!