Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Hide 'n Seek

What is in the box? Do you think they (my human staff) can see me?

DRATS! They found me! I wonder what gave me away?

Kathy put this in the hallway to make its' way downstairs. I see her husband didn't take it down after she repeatedly asked him to take it to the laundry room. mmmm........Since they found me in the box, I think I'll hide in here. There's nothing like hiding from the human staff then hearing them call for me and of course I don't respond. hee-hee
I'm going to curl up and take a nap.

This cat is too funny for words. We get a chuckle everyday. She is always up to something.

I did a trade with Nicole and look what I got! I wanted these knitting markers and so we did a trade. She sent lots of goodies with it. Bookmarks, cards, magnet, an extra marker and a nice bag to keep my markers inside.

See the knitting theme on the markers? I LOVE them. I have markers but they're all in use so instead of finishing a project I decided I must have more markers. Hey! That logic works for me!

Go check out her site. She has awesome markers.

p.s. Stupid blogger won't cooperate today with my comments to other bloggers.


Anita said...

kitty's are so silly sometimes! And husbands never pay attention! SNOL!!!

Hey, good idea! I have many more markers, I need to get some more projects started to fill them up! LOL

Bubblesknits said...

lol Sounds like Fluffy hiding in the suitcases.

Channon said...

What a cutie! Nichole does great markers, doesn't she?

Nichole said...

So glad you like the markers! My bag arrived back today - thanks!! :) I adore it and already have a project back in it.

Laura Neal said...

Looks like you have one of those lovely bond knitting machines as well..mine is in the guest bedroom, never will I use that worthless piece of junk ever again. Hand knitting is so much easier!
what a pretty kitty!