Monday, July 14, 2008

An Encounter of a Saw Kind

The weekend was hot and humid which of course prompted rain. I'd like to clean my cupboards. I know, you're thinking...........what is wrong with this woman? Have m***s infested her brain instead of wool?

It's just that I have been trying to tackle a job here and there that needs to be done and Mr. CRPS is not cooperating.

While I was busy trying to be busy inside. DH was busy downstairs. Or so I thought. I heard the strange sound of? You guessed it. A SAW!
Did he not learn his lesson with a saw last December? Did he not remember the "round" with the saw? Did he not remember the saw won? If you don't know anything about this saw encounter click on the Dec post. It's there, trust me. I snapped this picture from inside the kitchen. He had dragged the saw up on the deck and that is a belt sander in his hand (what is left of it from the saw "fight" from last year.) MEN!

At that point I decided to call it quits. Put down the camera and grabbed the knitting. I needed something to calm my nerves or what is left of them.
I dyed this BFL flat and cast on socks. The colors are a bit bright for me but the daughter claimed them.
Theyre fun to knit.

I have quite a collection of books but I couldn't resist this one. We were at a Border's Books store out of town last week and I fell in love with this book. I have spun enough yarn for sweaters in the past but I have no intention on spinning enough yarn for another sweater. I like this book because the designs are classic with a bit of modern twist.
The patterns are well written and they give you substitute yarn to be purchased if you don't spin the yarn.
I highly recommend this book. There are sweaters, scarves and socks in this book. Most of them have aran designs but they're well written.

Since I had the new book, I just had to cast on for something. I fell in love with the October Frost sweater. First it is a classic and second because it was called October Frost. My birthday is in October and fall is my favorite time of year. So this sweater is a MUST KNIT!
I went to the stash room and found this green New Zealand 10 ply that has been fermenting like a fine wine for quite awhile. It is perfect for this sweater. I can see myself in it now..........oh wait...........I have to finish it first. LOL
I have also started a shawl but I'll post those pictures later.

p.s. The DH got through the saw encounter without incident......this time. And I got bathroom trim! YEAH! After all, it has been a 2 year wait for the trim.