Thursday, July 10, 2014


Every summer for the past 3 summers we are on call 24/7 to care for a dear friend who suffers PTSD from the Vietnam War.  He is the sweetest, most compassionate person I know and we are thankful and honored to care for him while his family is away. He's a quiet man and hubby says he's more like family than a friend. We are also in deep gratitude for his service to our country.

Moving along in time...I know I continue to talk about the 30th Surprise Anniversary Party but have no idea what it meant to us. I don't think our girls even understand how much it means to us to know they love us so much to plan and throw an important milestone event that cannot be repeated. Every time we think of it, we smile. So for your throwback pleasure, a picture of our wedding day. Whew! Boy do we look

In keeping with throwback thursday, we happened onto this used highchair for $6 and snagged it. Why buy new when you can save the difference? It's perfect for when we have a little one for breakfast or dinner. I used a cleaner on it and the tray turned white but at t least I know it's clean ;).
 Another little throwback in time. This is a 1940's style knit for boys and it's almost finished. Sleeves done and now onto the borders and collar.
What is your favorite throwback?

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SissySees said...

What a beauty! I love old family photos, but I also am grateful that I have family furniture, dishes, etc.