Friday, July 25, 2014

Just when I thought...

Just when I thought the coming days were a bust....the mail-lady arrived. Woo-Hoo! One week ago I ordered this yarn from across the Big Pond and it is here already. Better prices and delivery service then domestic orders. I'm smitten.
 A lovely red sparkly dk weight. I know exactly what will be knit from this but I'm waiting on diamante buckles to arrive.
 Then there's PANK (as a friend and her pup call it). Bright happy PANK to be cast on for something fun. The Sirdar Crofter yarn is a gorgeous array of color to match the PANK. Not that the PANK can't hold it's own ;).
 James G. Brett yarn is oh-so-soft. I think this is my favorite brand after touching and knitting with several.
 All in all, 15 skeins of yarn for a lot less than here in the USA, if in fact one could get it. First time ordering from this company and the shipping was prompt. They didn't package it quite as nicely as Loveknitting and the selection is similar but they had a few different colorways than Loveknitting.
I'm off to knit my troubles and concerns away. Have a great day!

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SissySees said...

Pretty! Curious that you've found an international source that is cheaper and faster. Take note, American yarn vendors...