Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Let's Talk

Knitters, grab a cup of your favorite beverage and as a certain comedian would say, "Let's talk" about garter stitch. For far too long it has received a bad rap. Some have even said, it doesn't look store bought. If one wants a handknit sweater to look store bought then one needs to purchase that machine knit store sweater.
 An easy stitch for beginners and expert knitters alike, it is a beautiful stitch. Let's face it, I swoon over a cable, aran, lace pattern but always return to the simplicity of the garter stitch particularly when it is incorporated with stockinette stitch.
Love this unisex pullover, perfect for a cool fall day.
 Baby and kids' sweaters can be whipped up in no time. Stripes are perfect and let's get real folks, they're outgrown far too quickly to spend too much time on them. Although, I am guilty as charged for knitting intricate baby/kid designs just...well....just because I can.
 I finally knit a sweater for myself last year. Brown wool and buttons from my grandmother's antique collection resulted in a perfect stylish sweater. I've worn this one quite a bit and have always received compliments. Garter stitch yoke, neck down and it's whipped up in no time flat.
 Every once in a while a knitter needs an easy knit and garter stitch fulfills that need. Whether it's a dishcloth, sweater, pillow, afghan, garter stitch can't be beat for mindless knitting (and heaven knows I can be mindless from time to time).

What's your favorite stitch?

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