Wednesday, July 09, 2014

Stormy weather

Yesterday was full of stormy like conditions for most of the day. Severe weather swept through our area leaving some of it looking like a war-zone. Everyone in this household made it home from work late but safe. At one point I went outside to get the table umbrella and pool floats. Trees were bending in half (and we are surrounded by neighboring HUGE pines) and I heard the wind howling like I've never heard before. Sounded much like the tornado in the Wizard of Oz. It nearly knocked me off the steps and trying to open the basement door was like Dorothy trying to open the cellar door to escape. 
We lost power and cell service but we're intact so that's a blessing. 
July can be an interesting month.

I spent most of yesterday wrapped in a blanket, socks on my feet with teeth chattering. Temperatures outside were a humid 89F and I quickly realized I had a fever attack. So I took the day off from chores. Naps and knitting were my 'entertainment.' The jug of cranberry juice has become my best friend.

This is what was accomplished but not without mistakes that had to be frogged. *sigh* that's what happens when one doesn't feel well and takes up a project that requires following directions instead of plain ole garter stitch.
Youngest daughter called last night and this is an excerpt of the phone call:
CG: MOM!!! Where is everyone? I've been trying to call for hours.
Me: We had severe storms, lost power and service
CG: What is going on over there? I thought everyone died
Me: No, we just lost power.
CG: Well, I've been calling for hours. Do you have any idea what it's like to be this far away and I can't contact anyone in that house?
Me (chuckling to myself): Yeah, kinda like that time I tried to call you and hadn't a clue you were working late

Role reversal at it's finest...I love it...LOL

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