Wednesday, July 23, 2014

It's Not Fair

Ok girls (and any guys who read this), let's talk. After seeing pictures of myself lately I decided it was time to take off a few pounds. So I ventured to the market and spent $$$'s on "healthy foods" and trust me, it's pricey. I did some calculation based on my lifestyle of little exercise and came up with a good plan (or so it appeared). Plenty of fruits and vegetables, little starch (breads, pancakes etc) and meat along with my milk. Yes, I must have a nice cold glass of milk a day and I'm not talking about that watered down 1% stuff. I want MILK!
No candy, cookies, cakes, chips etc allowed.
I have been on this stupid diet for 2+ weeks and have never been so disappointed in my life. I weighed myself and not one ounce has disappeared. Hubby is on the same diet and he lost 5 pounds! yes, I know the whole man/woman/diet saga, it ranks right up there with childbirth, exercise etc when it comes to the comparison and I'm not happy.

 I have eaten enough carrots and lettuce that even the rabbits are wondering if there will be any left for them. Water: I've drank and retained enough to rival a camel and rice cakes....really? No flavor, yes I know they come in flavors but let's get real folks. *sigh* at this rate I may need to grow a rice paddy in my backyard.
What I wouldn't give for a homemade oatmeal raisin cookie....
 or a mini ice cream cone. But noooooo....I'll grab a carrot stick and try my best to pretend it's a potato chip. The husband picked up donuts on our Sunday trip. I did not give in to temptation, he ate two and he lost weight??? Perhaps I should check those scales and see if he's rigged them.
It is unfair I should endure a total of 36 months of morning sickness, waddling like a duck and labor pain (although I fared rather well in that dept only suffering thru a total of 8 hours for 4 kids) and then another 6 months trying to lose to get back into my own clothing. It is unfair that I am 'punished' after those childbearing years with a body that has suddenly compared to that of the male species; thickening waist, little chin hairs etc. REALLY? If I wanted a beard, I'd knit one! (yes there are patterns to knit beards).
Forgive the rant, I'm on sugar withdrawal.....and if I see that husband of mine eating another donut, I'm smashing it and filing separation papers....LOL

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SissySees said...

It's not at all fair, and that's about all I can say. ;)