Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Time Travels

The Pritchard house is a historic landmark and one we toured while traveling back in time. Quite interesting to learn the lady of the house sat on the balcony and watched her children play but when the battles of Kernstown took place the only thing she saw from the balcony was a bloody battle with hundreds of dead soldiers and horses. I can't even imagine the fear of her and her family.

The hubby and I.
It was an awesome day of learning and I'm so glad we took our friends' offer to join them. There will be many more events and we're ready to go.
The sad part of it all was the fact we traveled back in time to an era and when we left the area we passed shopping strip malls, one after the other. It was rather striking to admit we have become a society of 'stuff' and for the most part, throw away stuff. We plan to change that in our lives.

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