Friday, July 04, 2014

The Red, White and Blue

July 4th: a day to commerate freedom and the adoption of the Declaration of Independence. Although in fact, the adoption of the Declaration was approved in a closed Congress on July 2nd but celecbrated on the 4th. No matter, we celebrate everything our forefathers sacrificed to acheive freedom. They and their families lived under constant threat to free the people and for that we are eternally grateful.

Hubby and I have plans but I hope to cast on for a few Patriotic knits. First up: I'm designing a Patriotic sweater for a little one. Found the labels in my stash and will incorporate one on the sweater somewhere. "Made in the USA with Love".
I purchased this yarn last year with hopes to have a small shawlette finished by this 4th. If you look closely you can see little sparkles...I'll be sporting my own little fireworks ;). Unfortunately I have a tendency to knit for others instead of myself but here's hoping for next year. 

We will be working this weekend on many projects (together...this outta be but we'll also have some fun with family and friends.
I remember so many July 4th celebrations with my grandparents and parents; picnics, fireworks, homemade ice cream and evening sparklers. Nothing beat my dad pulling out the ice cream maker on the 4th so we could take turns cranking the handle and pouring the rock salt to reap the benefit of licking the creamy homemade ice cream off beater.

Now it's time to make our own memories of the 4th with loved ones. It's a beautiful day here today in Appalachia, one to appreciate and enjoy. While we won't have homemade ice cream, it's on the schedule to enjoy a sundae at our local ice cream vendor.

My devotion this morning was focused on Prvbs: 12:24- "work hard and become a leader; be lazy and become a slave" so on that note: HAPPY INDEPENDENCE DAY!!!!!

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