Friday, July 18, 2014

Friday musings

It's a cool one in the mountains. Add in a daughter who thought it was oh-so-funny to inform me that it's only 24 weeks till Christmas and I have become a 'mad-knitter'. 
Finally off the needles, I love this sweater. It was finished a week ago but something wasn't quite right with the collar. I quickly discovered I picked up too many stitches of the fronts so I frogged the snowflake yarn, a rather daunting task. It is not an easy yarn to rip out. I picked up the right amount of stitches for my gauge and re-knit the collar and all is good.
I've cast on for another one and the matching hats will be knit later.
 I posted this little sweater a while back but just couldn't capture the correct color. This does not reflect the true color but does show off the style. After pulling this one out of the finish box I think I may need to make another one. I like this style too.
It feels like fall in this neck of the woods, my favorite season. That said, I'm wondering where is summer? Mind you, heat and humidity are not my friends but it's cool here and when I say cool, I mean jeans weather.
I cleaned my knitting corner which should last all of today. So many knits are on the needles and I vow to not cast on for another project until a few are off the needles.
Check back tomorrow to see if I actually adhere to that one ;).

Enjoy your Friday!

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SissySees said...

Those are darling! I'm glad someone's needles are busy. Mine should be... but...