Tuesday, July 29, 2014

My friends...

I long for the old days. The days of carefree attitude, fun and freedom. I'll try to refrain from posting my TRUE thoughts here but divisions in life are difficult whether by politics, finance, personality, family etc, sometimes it feels overwhelming to the soul.
Quite frankly these are the times I immerse myself into my hobbies. I'd much rather spend time not thinking about those very things I SHOULD be thinking.

Meet Dorothy. A great pattern to knit and dolls are my friends. I happen to have my dolls of the past.  Well, most of them although I'm missing my Chatty Cathy doll that my dad bought for me a long time ago (I won't mention how long ago ;) ). I'm also missing a stuffed skunk who had a vinyl face. I loved that skunk. He slept in a doll cradle with my dolls and I was the kid who could not sleep unless my dolls were lined up, warmed with a blanket and I did not allow their faces to be covered...they must breathe, you know ;)

 I had a very vivid imagination as a child and I've been blessed to retain some of that childlike imagination (comes in handy when caring/playing with grandkids ;) ).
Life is complicated and too often overwhelming so on that little note today I'm going to turn on some music from the 1940's, grab my knitting and scrapbooking and enjoy living in own little world surrounded by my friends of the past.

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SissySees said...

She's lovely! There is no end to your talent.