Friday, April 04, 2014

Style....a lost art

A recent trip to purchase clothing soon resulted in walking from the stores empty handed and disappointed. There is no style. "Style" has become a whatever feels good, wear it mess disguised under freedom of choice and 'art'. Sorry folks, but that doesn't cut the mustard. It's time to step out in style.
I love this hat combined with a denim shirt for an updated casual look.
 Goodreads suggested this book and it is on my list. An excerpt from the book: "As a glance down any street in America quickly reveals, American women have forgotten how to dress. We chase fads, choose inappropriate materials and unattractive cuts, and waste energy tottering in heels when we could be moving gracefully. Quite simply, we lack the fashion know-how we need to dress professionally and flatteringly."
It's not just professional dress in question nor is it confined to just women. Men are equally guilty of a no class style. Visit any store/market and you will see pants hanging down to the knee caps, sloppy t-shirts,  sweatpants and my biggest pet peeve: pajamas. Seriously? Come on folks, look in the mirror, have some self-esteem and pride.. One doesn't need to have a closet full of clothing or spend mega bucks on wearables. A few choice mix and match pieces give many options. Accessories add to the style: hats, wraps, scarves etc. and if you knit or crochet, you've got that one  'in the bag'.
So pull up the pants, put the pjs under your bedpillow and wear a 'frock' that exhibits esteem, pride and dignity. It will make you feel good just looking in the mirror.

Life...knowing what you wear does in fact give first impressions.

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SissySees said...

What a great post, Kathy!! I had a rant on the way home last night. Pajama pants are not street-wear, and if you're not on the high school cheer team, don't wear "tap pants" in public. (And even then, they have a skirt over them!)