Thursday, April 24, 2014

It's a Beautiful Morning

Just like the song, It's a Beautiful Morning by the Rascals, it truly is a beautiful sight in Appalachia this morning. Clothes are on the line and chores are almost complete.
Every day is a new day and we are grabbing them by the shirt tails. DH and I were discussing this morning how we thought every year could not possibly surpass the next but I 'gotta tell ya', our lives are complete. It has finally dawned on us that we are free to do whatever we choose. No worries of sitters etc. We did our
 I cannot take credit for this beauty. Our oldest daughter crocheted this shawl. Her first time using a small hook and fingering weight. She announced she wants to knit socks. I'm so proud of her, I could burst at the seams.
See, here in Appalachia one learns to make anything and everything from scratch or with what is on hand. I must say our kids benefit from their Appalachian roots even if they try to ignore them because they're playing 'city life'. Interesting isn't it? The city folks bust their britches to live the country life and the country folks bust their britches trying to survive in the city.
I digress. 
All of our children (with the exception of one) was born with the creative gene. I remember my grandmother and great-grandmother embroidering beautiful quilts, pillowcases and crocheting intricate doilies. They gardened, canned, cooked wild game, baked, sewed, crocheted and knitted. All of those skills were needed to survive and they  were passed onto many of us. Unfortunately in this neck of the woods those skills are taken for granted and a few uppity folks (mainly a few I know from the city) posh those skills and we're still referred to as 'hicks'. Gotta say, I'd rather be a redneck hick than a city if Life takes a bad turn, we know how to survive and for that we are grateful and blessed.
I'm off to enjoy a cup of coffee and a beautiful day.

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SissySees said...

Stunning crochet! You sure have a lot of talent in your family.