Friday, April 11, 2014

Circle of Life

Forgive the picture quality. A lot going on here in the mountains and I'm very limited on time and space to get decent pictures. 
I needed a project that not only gave me quick results but was mindless and peaceful. I chose a crochet aghan pattern, grabbed yarn and hooked on. Love the colors and it will look gorgeous in my new living room. I'm calling this one the Circle of Life due to recent events in this neck of the woods. It pertains to absolutely everything going on in our Life right now and it's certainly fitting in more ways than one. 
Hopefully the afghan and the living room will be finished at the same time (or close to). It will take awhile for both to be done so we'll see just how long it takes me to finish this project ;).

 I refrained from stating the hubby is on vacation. It's day 7 and he's still We have not had a vacation since 2005. Every single one has been spent with medical issues. This one isn't much different except it's a family member other than ourselves. We chose to remain nearby as we're needed for errands, cleaning, cooking and support when called and after all, it is family.
So we put our 'off'' time to good use and started major renovation. It's a slow go but a productive one.

In Dec 2013 we planned a get-away for the upcoming summer and we're looking forward to the first real vacation since summer 2005. Unfortunately there's yet another medical issue looming so here's hoping the issue resolves itself and we won't need to scrap it once again. Although we would do so in a heartbeat in order to be there for family. 

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SissySees said...

Nice theme, pretty colors. Life happens, again and again, doesn't it?