Saturday, April 26, 2014

It's a zoo

Recently I returned to social media and smacking my head on the computer asking myself why? Why? WHY? 
Then I got to thinking about it long and hard. In reality people are like animals in a zoo. They're caged behind their zoo (computer) just as zoo animals are caged. They roar, baaaa, snort, laugh etc to voice their opinions/thoughts and they know (unless it's family) no matter how much they voice themselves no one can actually get out of their cage to touch them. (family has its' own little dynamics...eyeroll) After some thought and a few chuckles I'm going to label a few of the social media zoo.

There are the elephants, they stomp thru the posts and rarely say anything but when they do they're heard LOUD and CLEAR.
I won't even address the donkey ;)
The chimpanzees 'play'. They post the funny quips and rarely take anything seriously and at times can be very annoying.
The lions and tigers lay peacefully until something gets their 'nanny goat' then they attack with all fours. BEWARE! 
The hyenas are just....well....laughing fools and if they post anything, one is usually sitting there wondering why? and then moves on shaking their head.
The kangaroos are moms. They post their children, their habits, food etc and only rile when someone says something about their 'joeys.'
The flamingo cautiously stands back and says nothing. It struggles with social media but is concerned if it didn't join it would be missing something.
The sheep are quiet. Once in a while they baaaa something. Unfortunately they are easily led astray and have a tendency to flip-flop. While at first their comments/posts seen coherent, it doesn't take long to realize they lack common sense. They quickly retreat if a lion/tiger/elephant appears.
The giraffe has many friends. Some are close but the rest are nothing but a source for him to 'stalk' their posts. It has a tendency to 'report' to others (usually the drama llamas who are it's closest friends). 
Then, last but not least....there are the llamas who are nothing but drama. They are easily riled and they seek immediate attention/revenge by 'spitting' posts/comments then turn their back to chuckle because they know they have intentionally hurt their intended victim. They're not to be trusted.

I often wonder, how did Noah deal with all those animals on the 'big boat'.

Whew! Lent has truly opened my eyes to people and social media. I have seen enough drama of family/friends/politics etc on social media to last a lifetime. I've watched families breakdown, friends part etc and it's truly sad that a typed post/comment can do so much damage (yes, some of it is intentional and for that, there is no excuse). This is a serious problem with social media, there is no voice or facial expression behind the words. Expressions and voices actually convey more meaningful messages whereas words on 'paper' can be misinterperted (same goes for text messages). One must ponder for a second before typing/posting/commenting...Would this hurt one of my facebook friend's feelings? Is this something I would say to a person's face? I'm outspoken so yes in fact, anything I post/comment would be said outloud in person. *shrug* It's who I am ;).
On the other hand, I have enjoyed meeting new friends and they have lightened my mood by a simple caring message/post/comment. I have also enjoyed a lot of laughs and it's definitely been a source of information for me to research (I'm not a sheep ;) )
Ultimately it is nothing but a web site designed by the owner to make millions based on advertising and log-ins. Like the hyena, he has the last laugh. 

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SissySees said...

Interesting analogy! Thanks for perspective. So which animal am I!?