Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Clean up, clean up

Major renovation around here has forced me to clean up my living room knitting 'corner'....ahem...correction...corner meaning half of the living room area. I'm hanging my head in knitting shame. I counted 22 UFO's (for the non-knitting readers that translates to unfinished objects). Time to 'git er done'. 
First up I finished a pair of booties. The problem is when I finish something I believe that's a green light to start more projects. 
 I found this crochet shawl in cobweb laceweight yarn...yes, cobweb lace (eyeroll here). What was I thinking?
 Unfortunately I lack organization skills and failed to have most of the patterns with the UFO's. That required 3 hours of trying to dechipher the pattern. Somehow, someway I can (most of the time) figure it out, visualize the pattern and connect the two. Don't ask me how because if someone asked me anything other than knitting, I wouldn't have a clue.
Scrapbooking is next up to be organized. Recent events grabbed the family's attention on family photography and we made a vow to change it. There will be pictures of every family event and more. Easter was the start of the new and improved family photo sessions. Unfortunately my scrapbook supplies are every bit as 'organized' as my knitting.
This could get interesting...lol

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SissySees said...

Oh, if you're getting your master's in organizing, come on down...