Thursday, April 10, 2014

Eggstra, eggstra

The Special Day is fast approaching when eggs take the head seat at the breakfast/dinner table and a symbolism of new life. 
Brown eggs are the best for eating but not so for dyeing.I like fluffy scrambled eggs for breakfast. Sunny side up were my fave as a kid but I no longer care for them. I have a kid who called them 'eye-ball' eggs and if that didn't turn one from eating them, I don't know what would. I have no use for soft boiled eggs and haven't a clue how to make them (nor am I interested) but a good hard boiled egg sandwich can't be beat. I swoon over a delicious quiche.

Found these egg cozies on etsy and thought they were adorable. I know of one person who would love them (Chem-girl) so I may need to whip up one or two just for her Easter box mailing.

                                     She loves deviled eggs but they won't make the mail trip. My MIL makes the best deviled eggs and they look just like this picture.
 Pickled eggs are my favorite and my grandmother always had good tasting pickled eggs from her homegrown beets that she canned.
I have made peanut butter eggs for decades and this year is no different. I no longer need as many for my immediate family (this one is on a diet, that one lives too far away etc) but it won't stop me from making them and giving a few away. Chem-girl could be so lucky to find one in her Easter box since she can't make or receive deviled eggs.
Last but not least, I, the hubby (and probably DD#1 and SIL) will be dyeing eggs. If you know
 me, you know I absolutely love color and that love certainly isn't confined to just yarn, fabric or clothing. I enjoy dyeing yarn and anything else for that matter. These eggs were dyed wiith natural dyes. I doubt I will dye with naturals this year but I plan to fuss with it for the next. 
We have some great family videos of holiday fun with our kids. One of them was the year of our 3 yr old DD #1 and our then 8 yr old son who loudly announced during the taping, "eeewwww.....she's drinking the dye". I have no idea how this kid stomached drinking dye with vinegar but couldn't down a tablespoon of cherry flavored cough syrup when needed. Kids! 
What is your favorite egg?

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SissySees said...

Love that last photo. Some of my favorite memories include "blowing" a goose egg with my mother one Easter...