Monday, April 14, 2014

Love Bears All Things

A visit with family yesterday reminded me of my favorite verse, Love Bears All Things (1 Cor. 13:7). 
Our nephew had a heart felt visit with my husband and I know the man-to-man talk was good for both of them. 
I will shush now and let the bears speak for themselves.
Bear-Bear and Just Bear here; We belong to Chem-girl and have been her life long companions since she was 6 months old (whew! That's a long time). We have enjoyed many tea parties, bicycle rides, suffered thru surgeries (foot and nose) of our own and of course her own surgeries and sickness. Every year our girl's mom would knit brand new sweaters for us to sport on Christmas Day. To see her delight every Christmas morning when she spotted us under the tree was priceless. We live at her homeplace because she fears we will be lost in her new home but we'll always be by her side in bear spirit.

 Hi, I'm Edward Bruin with my pal, Little Blue. The author of this blog created us. I'm a replica of what she perceives her husband to be, a brute with a gentle heart walking in the woods caring for creatures large and small. I was given to a little girl family member and although my creator is uncertain of my where-abouts, I can assure her I'm on bear duty.
Hello, I'm Little Blue and I was born a few years ago from a vision of my creator. I'm only 2 1/2 inches tall and humans always ask if I can move. Of course I can move, I'm fully jointed. I reside with my creator and I watch as she knits and sews for others. 
It's me here, I have been contemplating returning to my bear making. They bring peace and joy to me and if I only make them for myself, they're worth every stitch. 

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SissySees said...

Your bears are amazing. I think I have something to send you... if I did in fact, bring it back from my mom's.