Friday, March 28, 2014


Yesterday I mentioned a celebration but refrained from saying who was celebrating what until was the hubby's birthday. He shares his birthday with our brother-in-law and it's been a 2 for 1 birthday deal for 30+ yrs. His favorite cake is German Chocolate with lots of frosting. 

He is a man who has the faith of a mustard seed.
One who is and has been a hard working guy who literally broke his back to provide for our family.
A laid back redneck kinda guy who says very little, has a great sense of humor and who stands up for what he believes is right and fair. Most know not to back him into a corner and to those who haven't learned that little fact? woe be to
One of his infamous quotes "Have no expectations and you won't be disappointed"

Yesterday was a mixed bag of Life stuff that I choose to not make public so it was important to see to it that he had a good day.
Birthdays are meant to be celebrated by the young and the old (did I say old? lol). Recent events have  reminded hubby and me that Life is much too short and so for that, we celebrate every day as a gift.
 He deserved a great birthday celebration, a few family members and many friends managed to make it a memorable one and for that he is truly blessed. Happy Birthday!

Life....realizing one can do nothing about yesterday let alone today, so celebrate!


SissySees said...

I am guessing he didn't see my nearly late FB good wishes, so give him a wink and wish him a good year just the same from all of us here in the woods.

Grace said...

happy Birthday a wee bit late