Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Early bird...

The early bird gets the worm so the saying goes and so for reasons I won't mention I've been up since 4 am. So a pair of mittens and booties were given the final touches and finished :D. I've made these mittens before and forgot just how much I enjoyed the pattern. They will be shipped to the recepient this week

 Another pair of those great booties I mentioned in previous posts. Made from a lycra stretch yarn that I dyed eons ago made these perfect for baby's growing feet. A request for a pair in purple will be next on the needles.
Snow is still on the ground and we saw our first Robins yesterday. Not too certain this was the Robin's snow (as it's called in this neck of the woods) but they're certainly a sign of spring right around the corner. Hubby and I have a lot going on for the upcoming year. Traveling with friends, well deserved vacations this spring/ summer and major house renovation. I'm exhausted just thinking about it...lol.
I'm hoping to do some scrapping and more knitting this week. I'm way behind on the Christmas gift knitting (daughter put me on a schedule....eyeroll here).

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SissySees said...

Those booties are about the cutest ever. I have a kick bag I should share - FINISHED!

The mittens look warm and cozy. We're on the roller coaster of spring here too. I hear we're getting more snow next week.