Monday, March 24, 2014

Monday, monday

It's a Monday, full of sunshine and the calm before the storm as we're expecting another snowstorm tomorrow with single digit wind chills. I love winter but I must admit after Saturday's warm-up it's time for winter to go into hibernation. At the same time there is no place in my life for whining or meltdowns so I will put on the wool sweater/socks and grab a cup of tea and enjoy the beauty of the flakes.
Also in the grab bag will be this project. I'm smitten with mittens this year and fair isle is my absolute favorite knitting technique.
 A not-so-quick trip to Nordic yarn resulted in stash enhancement for more mittens. Love love love this yarn base. More mittens just begging to be cast on.'s too short to not knit what one enjoys :D

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SissySees said...

Knit what you love, friend... especially when it's that practical and beautiful!