Monday, March 17, 2014

Monster March

Top o' the morning, March has roared into this area like a monster and today is indicative of that roar. Six plus inches of snow and it's still snowing. I love winter :D

One of the monster hats that found it's way into my crochet basket. I'm not a fan of the monster theme but the kids and moms seem to like be it :D
 The youngest grandbaby's parents decided to cut the disposable diaper bill by switching to cloth diapers. I did that stint with the my eldest son (way back when) and when this grandbaby visits this set of grandparents there will be a box of disposable That said, I'm disappointed in the new 'pre-fold' diapers. Many moons ago they were thick in the middle for extra absorbency. Not so anymore which means 'soaker pads' must be sewn. Rubber pants (remember those?) are obsolete so that means diaper covers with PUL fabric must also be sewn. So I dusted off the sewing machine, dug around in my scrap fabric and whipped up 14 soaker pads and 9 diaper covers (picture only shows 5 of them as the rest were in use). I'll admit they're an easy sew but unless one sews this cloth diapering would be quite pricey.

In the meantime there's a dishcloth, another set of booties and a sweater for self on the needles. Cleaning was on the agenda for the day but when there's a snowstorm it becomes a knit day :D.

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SissySees said...

I was a rubber pants baby, according to photo evidence. You're a good grandmother, and quite a handy one too!