Saturday, March 29, 2014

Let Sleeping Dogs Lie

An emergency phone call required us to drop and run leaving Mr. Bettis on his own which would normally lead to disaster. 
However, Miss Sissy would be proud to know he behaved this time. I'm sure the next time will be different but I'll take the occasional good behavior for now.  Don't be deceived into thinking he destroyed something of his, this is not his toy. It belongs to Miss Molly *sigh* He never destroys stuff that belongs to him or his owner, it's always mine or the girls'.
                       This is how he relaxes, on my couch as if it was purchased solely for him. I cannot stress enough the size of his feet when he comes inside after a romp in the muddy yard. In spite of it all, Mr. Bettis is a constant source of 'entertainment' if one chooses to call it as such.
Life...our pets remind us ever so gently with a touch of a paw, that Life goes on

1 comment:

SissySees said...

But he's so darned cute and sweet-looking!!! And Molly *IS* hard to get along with...

Hugs and prayers, my friend.