Sunday, March 23, 2014

All Aboard

The train came clickety clack down the track all too soon and she was on her way. 

It was a fun and exciting visit full of laughter and love with plenty of pictures for memories.

She made it very clear to her local friends they would not see or hear from here on this trip. It was a family trip for the nephew she had not met yet and all the grandparents. Her friends completely understood. Their only request was lots and lots of pictures and she definitely fulfilled that request.

We miss her already but there are a few more trips on the year's calendar so we're gearing up for the next round (which will include a mini family reunion :D)

Life....I'm grabbing every moment.

1 comment:

SissySees said...

What a woman!! She's smart, beautiful and has her priorities straight. Wish the world had more like her. (And if she has any interest at all, now's the time to explore joining her local League. Just sayin'...)