Thursday, March 20, 2014

Another surprise visit

Chem-girl always manages to find some time no matter how short her trip to visit with her grandparents and her great-grandmother. 
We surprised my grandmother with her great-granddaughters and her youngest great-great grandson. She was thrilled. 
She fills her closet door and bulletin board with pictures of the family and I was fortunate enough to provide her with new pictures of all 3 great-grandsons. She promptly grabbed the tape and put them on her closet door so she could see them. 

It's bittersweet sometimes to watch as she struggles with the names of those who no longer visit. I gently remind her of their names as she stares at old pictures and tries to remember. We do our best to gloss over those moments and focus on the good and fun times. My grandmother is very witty and her sarcasm/humor is amazing. She tells it like it is and thru the years we have learned to not be offended and and have a good chuckle instead.
Once again, Life....this is what it's all about :D


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What a wonderful photo!! Your girls are so pretty and will treasure that photo - and those memories - forever.