Thursday, March 27, 2014

The Finer Things

 I have had my eye and needles on this sweater for quite sometime. Dug around in the stash and came up with a perfect 'jean' color combination. Size 3 needles and sock fingering weight should keep my fingers busy for quite a while as if I don't have enough to knit according to Miss OChemDaughter who has made every attempt to organize my Christmas gift knitting. HA!
ssshhhhh....Today is a special day and a nice glass of chocolate wine would be nice to celebrate. I've never had chocolate wine but it certainly sounds good along with some large sweet strawberries :D.'s about the finer things like fine wine, chocolate and wool


Diane Richards said...

I love your combination!

Diane Richards said...

I love the combo.....can't wait to see progress...I am always hunting down the perfect Jean sweater...Diane

Laura Neal said...

Chocolate wine is divine! I am in the middle of crochet hell. I had promised a friend a blanket and I am trying to finish it.

SissySees said...

Come visit. I'll send you home with white and red chocolate wine.

And your title has me singing that old Steve Winwood song!