Monday, March 31, 2014

Ships ahoy

An entire day spent with family catching up on events. Tears and laughter ensued and a cherished heart to heart talk with our niece. Family dynamics are complicated no matter whose family (p.s. there is no perfect family). The women in my family are strong individuals (of that everyone can I am so proud of the young women in our little family group. They are strong, sometimes outspoken, (wonder where they got that gene? ;) ), independent and smart. 
In the end (as quoted by niece) no matter what, we are family..

We enjoyed pictures of my sister and her husband's 30th wedding anniversary cruise and there's a pledge for the entire family to embark on a cruise together (perhaps we should rewind those 25 yr old Disney vacation videos A Disney cruise was the decided choice. I didn't know there are areas where children are not permitted so adults can enjoy it without children. I love kids but I must admit time away is good too (we did our stint ;) ) Sign me up!
Life....spending cherished time with family

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SissySees said...

I hear Disney does vacationing like no one else... and allows adults to relax without the kids too. I'm glad you're remembering the good and cherishing the moments.