Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Bad (w)rap

One of the many things I enjoy knitting is a shawl. Oh yes, I've heard the mumblings of 'oh that's something  grannies wear' or some such fiddle faddle. I love knitting/crocheting lace (ok, what don't I like to knit? lol) Truth be known the knitting craze has taken shawls to another level. 
They're used as a stylish and colorful accessory.
....and as wedding accessories (I dyed yarn for someone who is knitting shawls for her daughter's entire wedding party as well as herself and the MIL-to-be) I knitted a shawl for my daughter's wedding and one for her honeymoon at the beach and a few friends knitted shawls for her college age sister and me. Lovely handknits to be worn and cherished.
 They're also worn as a nice stylish neck/shoulder wrap accessory.
I'll admit watching a thin yarn turn into a lacy heirloom makes me swoon and think back to the day of ancestors knitting with handspun yarn and needles. I happen to like the past better than the future (the future worries me) and to knit as our ancestors did takes me back in time a bit. Did they hum tunes while knitting? Did they pray? I'm sure they worried of the future just as we do. (yes, I love history and watch every historical fact/fiction program/show/movie that I can.)

The 'shawl' has received a bad (w)rap for too long and it's time to step out of the box and give it a stylish second chance.
The shawl: A garment used for the young and the old for warmth, style and sheer beauty and so I shall dig in my stash and cast on for another lightweight beauty.

Life...it's too short to live inside a cramped box

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SissySees said...

I love shawls too. Those are beautiful, but there aren't many shawls I don't like.