Saturday, July 09, 2011

When all else fails...

Ever feel like you were part of a train wreck and you missed seeing the train coming because you were too busy looking on the other side of the tracks? Well apparently that's what I was doing instead of paying attention to my 'gut' instinct. Someday I'll learn.
Anyway on to more uplifting things in Life. Hubby tried to uplift my spirits so he purchased these two magazines for me. There are some fine hat patterns as well as a handsome man's cardigan pattern in knitsimple. Sometimes he can be a true Knight (I'll overlook him forgetting our anniversary last month)

Crocheting is not my forte but occasionally I enjoy being a hooker ;). I designed this hat upon request from Chem Girl DD. It's a hit!

In spite of recent events I take comfort in friends and our pets. Do we have too many pets? Probably in some peoples' eyes but I gotta tell ya, they make me laugh and they make me feel loved. Here's Mr. B on the loveseat and ya know what? I don't care. He's a mischievous rascal from time to time but I'll admit that his love never ends. So what if he's on the loveseat. The cover gets washed every couple of days and he's our dog and it's our furniture...hrmph!

Of course I will not overlook the spoiled one, Miss Gypsy. She is a Yorkie/maltese and may I just say, she has that Yorkie terrier personality down to a science. She's not as fond of the camera as Mr. Bettis who is not at all camera shy. It took a few tries to get this pic but she indulged her dear owner.
Think I'll go thru the stash and look for some yarn for DH a sweater. ssshhhh.....don't tell him ;)
Our weekend is rather quiet. What's on your weekend agenda?


Bubblesknits said...

I'm so sorry. Hate that you're having to deal with something like that. ((hugs))

Love the hat! It looks very stylish.

And if you have too many pets, then so do I. LOL Give Mr. B a smooch for me.

Laura Neal said...

Your doggies are so sweet. I have 6 four legged kids and I love them all. Even the Psycho cat. She has her moments.

If anyone gives you grief over your pets...tell them to shut up and mind their own business.

SissySees said...

Poor Molly... and the cats didn't make the cut today, eh? ;) Although for the summer, Molly isn't YOUR dog, is she?! Her owner is home, thank you very much.

That hat is darling!

(And don't look now, but you just told all of us how much you do adore Mr B. I knew it all along!!)

Nichole said...

Sorry to hear things are a bit stanky... I'm on that train now as well... and no, you can never have too many furbabies... I should've stood my ground on that one thing and kept sweet little Rosie whom I'm missing dearly.... sigh.