Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Who am I?

This is not the original post but when I hopped over to Chan's post today and it got me to thinking about who I am.
I am a wife and mother. Nothing grated on my nerves anymore than for someone to ask, "what do you do?" and when told I'm a housewife the next response was usually a deliberate nod and a quiet, "oh. So you don't work out of the home?"
I have learned over the years to politely smile through clenched teeth and say, "no, I don't have time."It was tempting to laugh and say, 'oh no, I'm too busy watching soaps and eating bon-bons.' My day began at 5:30 am and ended at 11 pm as long as I wasn't nursing a sick kid.
I have admiration and respect for those who juggle a career and mom duties. I worked 5 days a week outside the home while raising 2 little boys as a single mom. When I remarried I still worked 5 days a week outside the home while sharing the raising of 2 little boys as well as housework, laundry and cooking.
Over time we discovered I was working to pay childcare and the DH was working 12-16 hour days. So I quit and became a full-time wife and mother. Please bear with me as I enlighten you of these full-time duties.
Laundry-washed then hung out on the clothesline vs the dryer (saves money)
Cooking- baking and cooking ALL 3 meals and snacks vs eating out (saves money)
Housework- means I don't hire out for help (saves money)
Sewing clothing vs buying (once again saving money) as well as last minute school/church pageant costumes
Planting and tending a garden then spending 6 weeks canning and freezing-saves money
Nurse- for skinned up knees, viruses and hospital/dr care
Referee- for sibling battles
Teacher-reading, counting and when they were old enough, homework (whether helping or nagging to get it done)
Supervisor-because our dear children couldn't grasp doing their chores without a supervisor in charge.
Chauffeur-running kids to ball practice, dance, piano/musical instrument lessons, 4-H, church, Bible school etc.
Banker-pay the bills

I know a few can relate to this so I will mention the PTA and extra curricular activity leaders who felt because I was a stay-at-home mom and housewife I had 'extra' time to make phone calls, bake goodies, run meetings etc. As the kids grew I opened a cottage industry making and selling teddy bears across the country.
Who am I now that the kids are grown? I'm still a housewife but now I can claim I am also a knitter and a spinner and I love my job(s).


SissySees said...

Go you!! All of these decisions are highly personal and made under unique circumstances, so I wish the world qould quit judging!

Bubblesknits said...

With the exception of a few, I hear ya. (Hubster prefers I don't attempt to cook, as he prefers to enjoy the food he eats. LOL) I worked full time when KK was little. In fact, he had a nursery at our office because we couldn't afford daycare at the time. I still say that the reason he's so comfortable in the dental chair is because, as a baby, he was lulled to sleep by the sound of the drill and suction going. All of our patients were used to seeing him there and there were actually a few complaints when I started keeping him at home. lol