Sunday, July 10, 2011


Raised on a farm meant climbing trees and froggin' were a few of my summer pastimes. Barefeet and wading in the 'crick' lookin' for slimey green frogs was fun. All grown up means I don't go froggin' anymore. However that doesn't stop me from jumping the frog pond but it has a different meaning these days as in rip-it rip-it the knitting.
This luscious skein of neutral Malabrigo yarn was an almost finished scarf request. It hit the frog pond yesterday. The requestee had a change of mind so the yarn will now become something else for someone else or it just might become MINE! :D

I can't find the yarn label to this self-striping yarn. It was on the needles to become a pair of socks. I have issues with a single ply yarn used for socks. It doesn't have the strength (in my wee opinion) to wear well. I'm going to set it aside until I come up with another project idea.

A quick stop yesterday to our very tiny Jo-Ann Fabric store resulted in this lovely white sport yarn jumping in my shopping basket. It is so soft and I'm making a wee white sweater. Not for anyone in particular but just because I like the yarn. Isn't it fun to grab a yarn and make something just because? My favorite kind of knitting.


Laura Neal said...

I am knitting mitts for charity with some stash yarn. Right now, french lavendar is the color, and the yarn is a llama wool blend. It is going to be so pretty.

SissySees said...

I've found I don't like single or two-ply yarn for socks. I'm not hard on 'em either... but still.

And yes, I sometimes find JUST BECAUSE knitting the best kind.

Bubblesknits said...

I've been frogging a lot lately. Ribbit ribbit.