Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Climb Every Mountain

Bear with me as I catch up on last weekend's activity. Our eldest son and his wife called and were heading on a trip.

MC, our granddaughter couldn't wait to get in the water. She splished and splashed having a grand time just as her father did when he was a child.

I won't bore you with too many pics (because I take wa-a-ay too many) but this huge rock formation was nestled in the evergreens. We enjoy nature and can't get enough of it. I often wonder what the Native Americans thought when they first encountered the mountains in all their glory. I could sit for hours in solitude pondering that thought while waiting and watching for wildlife.

My new favorite pic of DH. He's working hard to lose some weight. A bit difficult when one can't exercise due to medical issues but I'll give him a big round of applause for trying.

We were planning a camping trip for a weekend but after today we're going to scrap it and opt for another day out when God paints the landscape for fall.


SissySees said...

Beautiful photos! Yay to EP on the weight loss... it's TOUGH when you can't exercise.

(And that's one of my favorite songs.)

Grace said...

great shots and I so understand about loosing weight and not being able to exercise. I will swear by eliminating white foods and processed foods, it has truly helped me

Nichole said...

What a fun hike!

Anonymous said...

Dear. G (hello friend)
I can relate to the calm and serenity you find just "being". To sit for hours in quiet and listening to all the wonders the forest has to offer. You have me enthusiastic to take a fall picnic with my husband too. Sleeping on the ground ? Been there these days it's a romantic thought instead ;)
Three cheers for your DH for the weight loss ! every .5-lb. counts at least I sure like credit for halfzies ,lol.

gMarie said...

Looks like a lovely day. The land around you is beautiful. Your DH is looking good and I too applaud him for trying when he can't exercise. g

Bubblesknits said...

Beautiful pictures. That's a place that I could probably plop myself down and never want to leave.