Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Murphy's Law

Remember Matilda? Well it's Murphy's Law. Everything comes in threes. Keep in mind the DH is away two nights a week now. Of course all of this happens while he is away.

The dryer is broken.

The DD went to get in her car this morning. Wouldn't start. The bus already went so she took the other car. I hope this is the end of stuff breaking around here. If it wasn't for spending money to fix the stuff, I'd buy yarn to soothe my woes:) However, I do have Mr. Bettis and his on-going antics.

See this toy? The dogs recieved this in their stocking last year. When squeezed it plays "O Christmas Tree." Mr. Bettis had the toy for the first time. There's no way it would look this good if he had it from last year.

He was having a good ole' time. started playing music. He jumped back and ran with his tail tucked. Cracks me up. I think I'll keep this toy around just to keep him in line:).

When it finished singing it's tune he came back to investigate. He's sniffing and checking it out here. The pink towel is supposed to keep him off the love seat. You can see how well that works.

Look what I finished! YAY! Music mitts for the daughter. They're in her school colors and I think she's going to love them. The yarn is Kraemer Sterling/Silver fingering yarn. I dyed the red skein. They were fun and I enjoyed knitting them.
I just hope her friends in the band don't decide they each need a pair.
I'll teach them to knit if they do:)

p.s. It's raining. Translation? A broken dryer, wet clothes and well?'s beginning to look like the Beverly Hillbillies around here with wet laundry hanging throughout the house LOL.


Bubblesknits said...

Have I mentioned what a talented knitter you are? Those mitts are amazing!

Sorry to hear about the dryer. It stays so humid here that if we hang our clothes up they sour before they dry.

Poor Mr. Bettis. Such a tortured life he leads. ;-)

Channon said...

Bless your heart... I hope things take a turn for the best for you very soon!

The mitts are incredible. I bow to your talents!

Poor Mr. Bettis! No wonder he eats shoes and such...

Anita said...

YeeHaw! Don't ya just love when appliances break?! GAH! I feel for ya!!!

LOL, big ol Mr. Bettis running from a little tree toy, too funny!

Those mitts are incredible! You are awesome!! I'd be willing to bet money on the fact that other band members will need a pair! :)

Diane said...

I love the mitts you made for your daughter.

Hope Mr Bettis gets over his fear of that toy. Around here the 2 16 lb cats live in fear of the little 2 lb foster kittens. Nothing funnier that watching the guy guys hiss and run away when the little fluff balls show up.

When my dryer broke I gave it a good kick. No it didn't fix it but I do have to say that I did feel a little better after that.