Friday, October 03, 2008

Doldrums vs Startitis

Where have I been? Buried in an avalanche of stash.
I've been in a bit of the doldrums lately (translation? It involves a certain band director and ongoing medical issues). I decided that if I started something, I would feel better.
So out came the coveted one skein of Wollmeise that I acquired from Sara. It has been sitting pretty in the basket for months. It's growing up to become the Heartland Shawl. This shawl is for Self.

Feeling a bit guilty about starting a shawl for Self when I should be knitting Christmas gifts I started a pair of socks. Using a skein of my Doozer's handdyed DK weight, this pair should whip up rather quickly. Not sure who they're for but everyone I know has the same size feet.

The youngest daughter is begging for a Favorite Warm Sweater so I dug around in the yarn stash mass and found this Noro and Lamb's Pride. She's small in stature so it should knit quick too. That is, if I actually knit on it:)

Self started complaining again and I cast on for a pair of Monkey socks. This is a skein of yarn that I handdyed and it was begging to be used. Just as soon as I got this far, I found the No Purl Monkeys and now I wish I was knitting that pattern instead of this one. (sigh) I guess I'll have to cast on another pair of socks to knit the No Purl Monkeys.

Then I found this pattern, Bobby's Garden Blanket. Had to have it. I cannot justify buying enough Noro to make this blanket right now so I dragged the left-over sock yarn container to the "knitting corner" and cast on for this lovely blankie. It will take me forever to knit but it's fun and I'm not in any hurry. Any suggestions to use a nice, inexpensive, worsted weight yarn that would give me the same effect as the Noro is greatly appreciated:).

p.s. I'm off to find another set of dpns to cast on the No Purl Monkey Socks. I'm feeling a bit happier now:)