Thursday, October 30, 2008

Gnome MIA

It was cold, windy and snowy yesterday. I tried to capture the snow falling but the camera wasn't cooperating. Ranks right up there with my yarn/knitting pictures:). I do not proclaim to be a photographer by any means.
I'm in trouble here. I had BIG plans for hand knitted Christmas gifts. HUGE plans. Something went wrong. I know I had all year to knit gifts but Self needed socks. Self also needed a new sweater. Self has NEEDS you know?!

The eldest son is NOT getting a hand knitted sweater this year. The DH isn't getting one either. I am scratching gifts right and left from the Christmas list. There will be very little buying of gifts this year given fuel, food, utility expenses. So.............I am resorting to smaller hand knitted gifts. Like these little babies.
I found the pattern on Ravelry. My apologies to those who are not on Ravelry.
They make up to approximately 5 inches and they knit fast. I need fast right now. My needles are busy with mittens, gloves and socks. Hopefully they will get done in time for Ole' St. Nick to deliver:)
Thinking ahead to next year I plan to knit this for the youngest daughter. Fingering weight for a sweater. I know what you're thinking, "how can she possibly plan for next year when she's scratching gifts this year?" Hey! At least I have a

I started an Alan Dart Gnome. His body and one leg were knitted. I decided to clean the living room and change the furniture around. Mr. Gnome body parts are MIA. (I wonder if I can use MIA as an excuse for the unfinished Christmas gifts?)
There is no documentation i.e. picture, journal etc of the missing gnome. I realize no documention appears to be suspicious of, the procratinating knitter aka lil' ole me, but trust me, I really was knitting the gnome. I think I have a suspect of the 4-legged variety. Long white hair. Known to swipe yarn and WIP and stash them under beds. That Darn Cat!

p.s. That's what I get for cleaning. I'll learn someday.............


Anita said...

I've come to realize that cleaning never leads to anything good! SNOL!!!

If you start now you might have next Christmas' gifts finished in time.... but you are right, Self has needs, and you just can't do it all! :)

Good luck hunting up that Gnome! Was it small enough to fit in a shoe? Jaz hides stuff in our shoes & boots in the closet.... he he

Catherine said...

Ahhh. Your apologies to those who dont have Ravelry.... that is me still !!!!!! I cannot log in, cannot even get the site to appear... I am a lost woman !!!!

Bubblesknits said...

So far, I'm actually ahead on my Christmas knitting. (Now, name calling. LOL) I'm sure the knitting fates will find a way to punish me for saying that. ;-)

Remind me to email you with my idea about the gnome. Trust me.

KnittingMoose said...

I hear ya. I'm trying to balance my gift-knitting time with my self-knitting time! ha! ;)

I totally 100% completely believe you when you say you were knitting the gnome and it disappeared. I have cats so I can and will vouch for you!

Channon said...

Mr Bettis? Oh big ol' goofy luv... Look! The cat's getting blamed for this one...

Diane said...

Nothing good has ever come from spending time cleaning and rearranging. Not only does it take time away from knitting, it also leads to missing things.

I love when my cats swipe a work in progress and then are stunned when I find it easily. Guess it never occures to them that the string from the ball to the item they've hidden gives it away.

Petra said...

Does kitty cat have a stash room? Maybe you can still find it somewhere... see how hopeful I am?

monica said...

I am super behind on my Chrismas knitting.

I new there was another reason fo r me to boycott cleaning.

Hope you find your gnome parts