Thursday, October 16, 2008

It's a BIG Day

October 17 is a BIG day. It's my Birthday!

I thought I'd share a few pictures. This is me at the age of 3 months. My parents adored me although they tell me I didn't sleep at night. I was blessed with a son (read post below) who did not sleep at night either. Apparently my "mother's curse" of having a child just like me does work:)

I was a happy baby, so they say.

Here I am at the age of 2 1/2 years. Look at that cheesy smile. (my mother cut my bangs, can you tell?) I loved having my picture taken way back when. That has changed.

I remember dressing up and I loved dresses and patent leather shoes. That has changed also:)

I played with baby dolls but my favorite toys were a stuffed skunk with a vinyl head and a sock monkey that my dad won at his place of work. I no longer have them although I'm still on the search for a skunk similar to the one I had. Mom and Dad gave me a new sock monkey two Christmas's ago.

This is the best I could in my search to find an older picture. This was taken at 15 yrs. The photographer lightened my dark brown hair to this reddish color(:-.
My (greyish.....ahem) hair is now a lovely dark brown thanks to those boxes of hair dye that are so readily available. hey! You gotta do what you gotta do these days!

This, folks, is my NEW Birthday present. A dryer. An honest -to -goodness-brand- new -fangled clothes dryer. Our son and daughter-in-law came up last weekend. They purchased and installed this brand new gas dryer. It's my Birthday/ Christmas present. Thank you, Nick and Becca, I love it. The DH loves it even more. He was tired of hanging out laundry. LOL
It doesn't take much to please me but I must admit this tops the toilet that the same son installed for me a few years ago on my birthday.

He took me into the bathroom after the toilet installation to sing Happy Birthday to me. When he got to the line of "Dear Mom....." he flushed the toilet. I laughed until I cried. It is a requirement to have a sense of humor in order to survive in this family.

Look at the inside of this baby. It is HUGE! Those towels come out soft and warm.
The husband and I agreed to not get each other any gifts this year. We have to feed and maintain the car. It needed a brand new $100 battery this week. Don't forget the fuel. But it's all okay. You have no idea the gifts that have graced my doorstep in the past from the DH (when he remembered):

A swiffer

A swiffer wet jet (which he and the youngest DD quickly assembled to "try out" and have never used it since)

A blender (so he and the youngest DD could make milkshakes. I don't like milkshakes)

A salad shooter ( he also bought all the salad fixings so he could try out my birthday salad shooter)

A "good" broom (that he promptly took downstairs to his work area) get the picture. I'm content to not exchange gifts:)

p.s. I just opened my email this morning and the youngest DD sent me an ecard It's perfect!


Channon said...

Happy birthday, my friend! Your son and his wife truly are gems. I hope Mr Bettis is a sweet boy for you all weekend and doesn't put anything in his mouth that doesn't belong to him. (Wouldn't that be a great gift?)

Bubblesknits said...

Happy Birthday!!! And Mr. Bettis would never put anything in his mouth that didn't belong to ALL belongs to him! lol Hope you have a great day!


Becca said...

Happy Birthday, Kathy!! Hope you day is going nice and smooth! Glad the dryer is drying well! I will call you later. I have had a heck of a few days at work and typing this on my lunch break.

Wendy said...

Happy birthday a day late and a dollar short! Hope it was full of joy and relaxation!

Anita said...

Hope your birthday was a great day! I'm glad you don't have to use those exfoliating towels anymore. LOL

monica said...

Hope you had a wonderful Birthday!!!

Diane said...

Happy belated birthday. I think your mom and my mom learned how to cut bangs together. Love your new dryer.

Laura Neal said...

you have my dryer! I love that bad boy, it dries very quickly! When I looked at it, I knew it looked familiar...I have it's twin! :)
Happy Birthday, sorry it is so late but, I have been building a fence courtesy of Hurricane Ike and doing all sorts of things around here that had to get done!
Congratulations on the dryer, you lucky lady!

Firefly Nights said...

Nice to see someone who appreciates such a useful gift. One of my all-time favorites was a porta pottie that we used for tent camping and later in our pop-up trailer. One of its relatives is in our current trailer.